• Tuesday, 7th February, 2023
  • 13:08pm

Good Morning,


Today, Feb 7th, 2023 we will be conducting maintenance on one of our VPS nodes. US-ASH-1-INTEL will be getting additional SSD's to provide services for more clients on this specific node. This downtime will happen between 2:00 P.M - 7:00 P.M EST and will last no more than 30 minutes time. We will post additional updates if the upgrade lasts longer than our 30 minute time frame given. All VPS's will be safely powered off, followed by the server being powered off. SSD's will be inserted, configured then the VPS's will be turned back on automatically upon server power-up. Should you have any questions/concerns do not hesitate to open a ticket!


Thank You - Refinedhost Administration Team


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